Mawson Lakes Rotary Community Recognition Awards

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If you know someone who  makes an outstanding contribution to others but does not usually get special recognition for this you may wish to nominate them for a community recognition award

Each year we will be looking for people who live, work, study or volunteer in the environs of Mawson Lakes. People who:

  • go above and beyond to support their colleagues;
  • provide extra special customer service;
  • are the backbone of a local sporting club or community group; 
  • are the neighbor or friend who is always there to help;
  • regularly perform caring and thoughtful deeds without expecting anything in return.

There will be a period in the second half of each calendar year when you can nominate them for a Mawson Lakes Rotary Community Recognition Award.   

We will help you acknowledge and celebrate their efforts and let them know that you care by holding a community celebration.

See 2019 Awardees Information Here




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